Board Policies

In accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 the Wine Grapes Marketing Board trading as Riverina Winegrape Growers is required published all its operational policies on its website. If you require any further information relating to any of these policies please contact the Board offices on 02 6962 3944.

These Policies and Procedures were reviewed and approved by the Board in October 2021.

WGMB Publication Guide

WGMB Publication Guide

WGMB Policy Chart

WGMB Policy Chart

Office Related Policy Documents

Asset Policy
Authorised Signatories Policy
Backup of Computer Files Policy
Board Policy Review Policy
Board Room Rental Policy
Business Continuity - Disaster Recovery Plan Policy
External Advertising and Mail out Policy
Interest on Outstanding Statutory Fees Policy
Payroll Policy and Procedure
Risk Register Policy
Term Deposit Policy

Staff Related Policy Documents

Farewell Gift Policy
Financial Limits of Purchasing Policy
Fraud Control Policy
WGMB Organisational Chart
Password Policy
Reimbursement Policy
Staff Uniform Policy
Social Media Policy
Employee Assistance Policy

Purchasing Policy Documents

Ordering Goods & Services Policy
Payments for Goods and Services Policy
Tendering Procedure for Purchases Policy
Reimbursement of Chemical Users expenses Policy
Reimbursement of 3rd Party HACCP Certification expenses

Sales Policy Documents

Cash Receipting Policy
Revenue Recognition
2nd Part HACCP Expense


Competition Law Protocols
Related Party Transactions Policy
Board Meeting Attendance and Payment Policy